Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Preparing to Speak

Recently several students have asked me to help them prepare their first sermons / Bible talks.  Before they ever crack the Concordance or open the Lexicon, I recommend that they ask themselves a few questions. I try to answer these questions as I prepare a talk:Stage fright

  1) What is God saying to me?
  2) Who will I be speaking to?
  3) What does God want me to say to them?
  4)When the sermon is over what do I want them to know?
  5) When they leave the church what do I want them to do?

Get alone with God and answer these questions and you'll be well on your way! For the experienced communicator: what else do you ask yourself?

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Christchild said...

I understand what you mean, my youth pastor ask me the same thing. Add this if you don't mind, let their Holy Spirit speak to the people not their flesh.