Thursday, July 15, 2010

Leadership Nugget: Hydrate

Yesterday I was privileged to join Destination Church for their weekly staff meeting. During the meeting Pastor Rodney shared a leadership nugget on staying vibrant in ministry. It was so good I got permission to pass it on to you.


Because Rodney is training for a marathon, he is concerned and learning about proper hydration. Here’s a few facts:

  • Adult males are 60% water.
  • Adult females are 55% water.
  • In exercise and medical health dehydration is very dangerous and can be fatal.

In our spiritual life, discouragement is akin to dehydration. Jesus promised that if we believed in Him we would have a spring of living water flowing out of us (John 7:38). How do we keep our well from running dry? Just as Rodney plans to not dehydrate by “loading” on fluids before long runs, we must have a plan to fight discouragement. He suggests:

  1. Schedule fun and recreation into your life. You must make time to refuel.
  2. Know what drains you. You can’t always avoid those things but you must play toward your strengths (ie. your gifts, callings, and skills).
  3. Know what fills you up. Keep your relationship with God and others fresh and clear!

Thanks Rodney for a good challenge to stay hydrated. Go head and take a moment to pray for the Thrifts and all of Destination Church right now! Feed back: How do you stay spiritually hydrated ?

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