Friday, July 24, 2009

No Good, Terrible, Very Itchy Day

Okay it was previously reported on Facebook that I had encountered very itchy Chiggers or Red Bugs at Crossway Church. That was inaccurate...I now think it is very itchy poison ivy. So after coming the web for a solution, I thought I would pull on the power of the blogosphere.
Could you all comment with your favorite, successful home remedies for the sinister, demonic, (did I mention very itchy?) poison ivy?

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Clay Miller said...

To relieve the itch I do the following:
I get in the shower and let the hot water spray on the itch. Then I start turning the hot water hotter. This actually brings the itch to the surcface, so as the water gets hotter, the itch gets more intense (very intense). So I'm doing a lot of sctratching as it gets hotter. It sounds crazy but it burns and feels good at the same time.
I keep turning up the heat as hot as I can possibly stand it.
This brings out the itch and gets it out of your system, at least for a while. It may last a few hours, or it may last all day, but it works.

Of course if you have open, seeping wounds, this may not abe a good idea.

Anyway, it definitely works for me.