Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday Rewind: Steve Camp

In honor of the Rev. Ray Owens, here is a little Steve Camp from the late 80's.  Man...this guy was so prophetic, so radical.  Wonder where he is now? Camp not Owens...Ray is still prophetic and radical and influencing a generation. Everyone please pray with me that God will heal Ray's back.


Terry Rayburn said...

Hi Eddie,

In the Providence of God I stumbled across your blog, and am praying for Ray.

Steve Camp is still making music and preaching at churches and conferences around the country.

He lives in the Nashville area, and you can find him at his blog and his Audience One web site:

Terry Rayburn

Terry Rayburn said...

Sorry, Blogger is up to their formatting tricks again :)

The sites are: and

Terry Rayburn said...

By the way, my family and I have attended several Bible conferences in which Steve is singing and preaching.

One of them a couple of years ago was in...

Lake City, Florida :)

We enjoyed your town. Didn't know there were such peaceful parts of Florida that weren't congested with traffic.

Ray Owens said...

Thanks Eddie. What passion Steve Camp has. It stirs my heart. I will never forget the day that guy broke into my car at the Vine and stole all my Steve Camp singing tracks. I prayed he would find Jesus in listening to the stolen music.
May we never forget in this watered down Christian culture to put our lives in the hands of a dangerous God. I love you, Ray