Friday, February 6, 2009

Talk to Your Mentor

I'm in pretty regular communication with one of my mentors but I hadn't spoken to one of my "Yodas" since late October. We caught up yesterday and it was tremendous. You get a sense of grounding and connection by ...well, connecting.
While there seems to be so much uncertainty in our society right now, you can do yourself a favor by touching base with a mentor. don't have one? Please, don't run out and get one. Start by simply praying and begin to look around at the lasting relationships in your life.
I'm you have a mentor? Who is your mentor? (Not via podcast that knows you too!)


Beth Brawley Taylor said...

Great post! You are very hot...are you free for dinner?

Erica said...

Yes, I always feel so much better about my life after talking to those very important people. Mine, of course, has always been Rachel, since my middle school days. And in college the prof who married John and me, and his wonderful wife. They are superb. I couldn't do without them!

Good post.