Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Our Reaction: PRAY

I have had a very supernatural week. Does that make you uncomfortable? Sorry...I'm in relationship with a living God who still speaks to His friends and moves in the affairs of humanity. First, I had a very strong prophetic dream on Sunday night. I am not really released to share any details yet. However, let me say this: I am very encouraged!
As you know, I have been very concerned about the current state of the economy and the mainstream media's negative propaganda. Yesterday, as I was spending some time with God I thought I heard Him say,"Your whisper is louder than their shout."
I have been meditating on that phrase and have a few applications:
  1. What I pray is powerful.
  2. My self talk sets my attitude (and my attitude sets my altitude).
  3. My conversations spreads the atmosphere of my attitude to others.
  4. Others ignited by the presence of God repeat the process.
During this time, I am committing to pray as never before. My prayers will affect the heavens which will affect me which will affect others. Jesus' revolution was always intended to spread virally. He used 12 followers to change the world without the mass media. We can make a difference as we PRAY!
What do you hear in this phrase "Your whisper is louder than their shout"?

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Jennifer S. Walsh said...

My reaction to..."your whisper is louder than their shout." This might be remote, but it connects me to my classroom while I'm teaching. Sometimes to get my students' full, undivided attention, I change pace, and lower my voice to a soft and gentle whisper. You could hear a pin drop as they cut out not only their own voices, but all the other extraneous noises just to hear my voice, every one of their senses is focused back on the authority in the room...hmmm

Thanks, Edster! Good post!