Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Harrowing Ordeal

I had my blood taken yesterday. Many of you know that I frequently pass out cold when I share my hemoglobin. I was a very big boy and didn't even turn very green. Good news! I am so proud to announce that I drove myself to and from the test sight.
Sharing my blood is usually such a harrowing ordeal... not so today. My kudos to Miss Gina and the Columbus Health Testing and DNA Center. (The three boys are still mine.)
Although, my left arm has an ouchie. Pray for me.


tarabrend said...

I just love how when you write things like this, I can actually hear you saying it.

Dear Jesus, would you please heal Eddie's ouchie on his arm and the deep-seated wound he feels around blood? Amen, thank you, Lord.

Be blessed! And let the blood-letting begin!

Erica said...

I passed out twice and had to be brought back to life with smelly salts twice the first (and only) time I gave blood. I feel your pain!