Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Church from the Sausage Maker

Here's my thoughts about church "B":
  • A really good worship experience. The worship leader is talented, passionate, and joyful.
  • Excellent teaching. The pastor appears to really be genuine and humble...he appears to be real.
  • We are still not sold on the children or youth ministries...they seem unorganized.
  • The church is doing FPU which is a plus!
We are praying about trying church "C" this weekend.


Erica said...

Finding a new church in a new place is tough. For us, church A was out of the question from the moment we entered the door; church B took a few weeks to decide on; and church C took our hearts from the very first visit, when we could not escape from happy hellos and greetings for at least an hour. (Episcopalians get really excited when they see a face under the age of 30.) :)

Hope you guys find the right place soon.

Eddie Taylor said...

Thanks Big "E"