Monday, December 22, 2008

Make Your Throws

Many times leaders are complelled to live above themselves. Sometimes this is not healthy. Often quarterbacks or pitchers get in trouble trying to make throws outside of their abilities. This results in interceptions, walks, or grand slams.   What your family, team, or organization really needs is for you to be you. You have been uniquely gifted for this time in your life. You will never be successful living as someone else.  You and I will not succeed as Superman...we must simply be the best Clark Kent possible and allow grace to daily carry us.
So stop trying to do the impossible...make your throws and watch Him do what He does. He is the Lord of the Impossible and He promised to be with you!


Billy Jennigns said...

Great post...most times when a pitcher or quarterback is trying to throw harder or fit a pass into double coverage it is because they have lost "faith" in the other teamates and feel that they have to do it on thier own.

Eddie Taylor said...

Excellent point. You are the man!