Friday, December 5, 2008


Do you ever wake up thinking "something is going to happen" today? I know, I know... lots is going to happen today. I mean something significant. The funny thing about the faith journey is that I might not even know it when it happens.
I woke up that way this morning...I know what I am believing for. I know what I would like to happen. Might not be those things. When I wake up with negative feelings I just dismiss it as only feelings. Faith is more than feelings. Someone once said,
"Something good is going to happen to you today."

I feel that today. Do you know what I mean? Do you ever feel this? Go ahead you know you want to comment...I give you permission.

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Jennifer S. Walsh said...

I have to agree, and I tend to think it's specifically God's favor, giving me a fresh breath of air. Perhaps it's like when you know a really good secret but can't tell it in the excitement of a surprise party. I attended one today in fact.
Super fun!