Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Eve Eve

At our home (and at many others also) today is a crazy day. Last minute shopping, wrapping, and cleaning to get ready for the holiday celebrations. The kids are wired up with anticipation for the big dance that starts tomorrow with family Christmas Eve traditions.
I also pretty pumped. It has been a good year and I am ready to watch my boys enjoy the big day.
What about around your house...are you guys ready for Christmas?

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Rachel said...

Not a present wrapped. Some of my Christmas letters will not be sent this year because I still don't have all the addresses I need. Tomorrow I will be buying about 10 gifts. And I still need to buy all the ingredients for the numerous casseroles I will be baking Christmas morning. Even so, I am joyously anticipating the birthday of my Savior. So yes, I am ready for Christmas.