Monday, November 17, 2008


I forgot to post this morning!!! Yikes! Have you ever been so busy that something or someone entirely slipped your mind?
Come on friends...drop a horror story on the Edster...


Miller Video Productions said...

Well, this didn't slip our minds but it is a horror story about being too busy. And it is happening right now.
Tomorrow (Nov. 18) is my son,Christopher's 4th birthday. We have been so incredibly busy that we have planned nothing. Absolutely nothing. That's bad, isn't it? We are well aware it is his birthday, and so is he. But as of right now (11 PM), we have not gotten him any gifts and have planned no party.
Thank goodness he is only 4 and not 14! Maybe it won't hit him quiet as hard.
We will do something... probably take him to his favorite place to eat (either McDonalds or "Chickalay"). And we will get him some gifts somehow, somewhere.
And ... we are going to have some sort of family party for him in Waycross over Thanksgiving holidays. So all is not totally lost.

In other news, I'm happy for you and your new direction. I am praying for your house to sell.

By the way, you haven't by chance found any more of those sea shells, have you? Maybe one with the name "Clay Miller" on it?

Karen said...

Talk about an embarrassing forgetfulness...One Sunday years ago Ken had an early church meeting so I drove separately with our son Tim,about 5 at the time. After service we hung around chatting, then split up, headed toward home, only to arrive 15 minutes later....both without Tim. How do you forget your only child?! It's not like we got mixed up on the headcount. We broke speed laws getting back, and there he stood animatedly regaling his Sunday School teacher with some tale, unfazed at being left on the church doorstep by his parents. We can laugh about it now.