Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Vote for O Mama

I talked to my Mama today. I do it most weeks. I should do it once a week... minimum. I get busy and just don't call like I should. I feel terrible when I miss a week. Then driven by guilt and shame, I don't call until the next weekend. I should just pick up the phone and call. It's not like I don't have unlimited long distance minutes. Sometimes I'm just lazy - no excuses. I could just listen to my wife and call my parents more often. She says I'll regret it one day if I don't. That would require humility on my part. So that's where I'm placing my vote this fall: I'm voting for Mama (& Daddy).
How often do you talk to your parents?


Killa said...

i usually call my mama at least 6.2times a day. no joke hahah. but this week she's too busy sailing the caribbean to talk to me haha so i called Nanny and Aunt Kathy instead. :)

Eddie Taylor said...

You are a good daughter(granddaughter/niece). I suck as a phone-caller.