Friday, October 17, 2008


Thank God it is Friday!! Funny... after working in the local church for the last 15 years, this phrase has lost it's meaning for me. While I was a youth pastor my day off was Thursday. Upon becoming a Church Planter and Senior Pastor, I moved my day off to Monday. I have always pushed taking a rest day. Folks in vocational ministry can easily become workaholics if they forget the sabbath. The Ten Commandments apply to pastors also. :)
I was speaking with a Xerox co-worker who said "at least it is Friday." Suddenly I thought..yes it is. So TGIF! That rings a little clearer than TGIT or TGIM.
Vocational ministry folks: What day do you take off? Everyone else: which day do you enjoy better Saturday or Sunday?

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Clayton Bell said...

I currently take off Friday and Saturday, and usually work a few hours after the service on Sunday to make it a true work day. I never liked Monday off, because it put me so far behind in the week.

Once i was in the corporate world, my weekends were gold. The church had to provided a VERY good reason for me to come to a Saturday meeting, which I try and remember when scheduling meetings now.