Monday, October 13, 2008

Random Sports Thoughts

Georgia wasn't extremely impressive on Saturday. I agree with Tony Barnhard that "the Dawgs won't beat FL or LSU unless they lose the penalties."
Speaking of FL/LSU, I thought that the Gator's offense has awakened. I think that they can score and score often on anyone. Give Urban Meyer and his offensive staff props for finding a way to put the ball in the hands of all that speed.
The Atlanta Falcons had a crazy comeback yesterday. Matt Ryan appears to be the real deal.
Finally, The Tampa Bay Rays are 2-1 on the Bo Sox in the ALCS? Who'd da thunk it?
What was your favorite sports moment of the weekend?

1 comment:

Clayton Bell said...

Hmmm...The Bucs crushing the Panthers. Didn't see that coming at all, but what a great win!

I'm also VERY surprised at how good Ryan is this year. Wasn't overly impressed with him at BC.