Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Meekness or Weakness

Our society, like the Romans of old, loves power. We celebrate winners and minimize the unborn and the elderly. Why? Losers, infants and the elderly we identify as powerless or weak. The proper use of power to serve and not dominate is lost on most modern leaders.

I once heard Dr. Mark Rutland define meekness as "Power under control". Jesus Christ best demonstrated meekness by using his power to serve, love and forgive the very people who would later crucify Him. He could have easily melted the earth and started over; however, love and meekness, not nails, kept Him on the cross.

What is the driving character quality that produces meekness? Could it be simple trust in the sovereignty of God? Spider-man was challenged by his Uncle Ben with the aphorism "with great power comes great responsibility". Meekness challenges us to leverage all of our power to help others rather than advance our own agenda.

Do you have another example of true meekness?

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Erica said...

Who The Meek Are Not

by Mary Karr


Not the bristle-bearded Igors bent
under burlap sacks, not peasants knee-deep
in the rice-paddy muck,
nor the serfs whose quarter-moon sickles
make the wheat fall in waves
they don't get to eat. My friend the Franciscan
nun says we misread
that word meek in the Bible verse that blesses them.
To understand the meek
(she says) picture a great stallion at full gallop
in a meadow, who—
at his master's voice—seizes up to a stunned
but instant halt.
So with the strain of holding that great power
in check, the muscles
along the arched neck keep eddying,
and only the velvet ears
prick forward, awaiting the next order.