Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I'm His Favorite

I love the favor of God. There is no way to be successful or pleasing to God in any arena of our lives without favor. The ancient word in both Biblical languages is basically the same word as grace. Wow! What does that teach me about God's favor?
  1. It is the free gift of God.
  2. It was purchased in the redemptive work of Jesus Christ.
  3. God loves to favor His children.
  4. To quote Mark Batterson, "without the favor of God we're Jack Squat."
Sometimes I strive for God's favor rather than just living out of it. I forget that my definition of success and His are not always the same. I'm learning to rest in Him in my life and leadership. When I fail to do so, I usually push rather than lead. People want to love, follow and do business with confident people. It is difficult these days to be confident in anything but Him. Isn't that our goal anyway?
What are someways that you remind yourself (meditate on) of the fact that you are favored of God?

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