Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Simply Simple

Simplicity is another lost virtue in our culture. Like frugality it stands on the foundation that more is not necessarily better. Many communicators could learn from Andy Stanley's concept "Teach Less For More". Stanley demonstrates that effective communicators work to make the complicated simple. If the K.I.S.S. principle works in communication and business... how much more in all of life?

More is not better. Better is better. We must not believe the deception that extra words will help us communicate, more clothes will make us look better, or more merchandise in our garage will make us happy. Those who live simply understand that the time used to manage all that stuff could be better used to invest in the real payoff of building relationships.

Rather than buying one more piece of garage sale fodder why don't we take a walk with a family member or a close friend. Does a family of four need fifty coffee mugs instead of a service of eight?

What do you do or could you do to simplify an area of your life? Help me people...

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