Monday, September 8, 2008

Leadership Challenges - Part 4

Interview question: "What are the greatest leadership challenges facing political leaders?"
My answer: "How do you effect real change without becoming part of the status quo political establishment? Yikes...pandering politicians have created a dependent state by working to get re-elected and not really to serve their communities. The only lasting solutions must be term-limits and a volunteer, part-time congress. We need the best and the brightest of our society helping not joining a re-election machine."

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crashsystems said...

Part of that "re-election machine" that you mention is the big corporate lobbying that funds elections, among other things. Check out, where you can see what corporations have funded lobbyists to support or oppose any given legislation. Spread the link far and wide, so as many as possible will see the corruption in our political system.

While you are at it, is a good site for tracking the goings on in Washington, and is a campaign to try to solved some of the problems caused by big money's involvement in the political process.