Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Leadership Challenges - Part 1

I was recently contacted by a college student and asked to answer this question: "What do you see as the greatest challenges facing today's leaders?"Over the next several days I'll publish our interview here on the blog. Here's my first answer:
"In my opinion , one of the largest challenges facing leaders is leading in a rapidly changing world. Here's what I mean...With the onset of the digital revolution and web 2.0 how we receive and process information is radically different then life just 5 or 10 years ago. Think of how you get your news and weather. You no longer turn to your favorite local TV station or newspaper. You now jump over to on your cell phone.
HERE'S THE DIFFICULTY: We have to lead in a culture and uphold timeless values like hard work and diligence; however, for some of us working harder now means working smarter not just longer, back -breaking hours. There are new definitions for profit, productivity, and relationships. Unfortunately, not all the definitions and assumptions are correct. We have to find a way to lead people forward without sacrificing true values. It is a slippery slope...on one hand we cannot ignore true technological advances (and become like the Amish) and on the other hand we can not jump on the post-modern, wired - bandwagon to the neglect of true, time-tested values."

What do you think? More thoughts tomorrow...

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