Friday, September 12, 2008

Impact Players

Tim Tebow, Knowshon Moreno, C.J. Spiller…If you follow college football or breathe in the South, you have probably heard these names. Here’s why – they are impact players on their respective teams. Coaches, opponents and fans understand that at any given moment these players have the ability to break a game wide open. Their unusual gifts and skill sets can change the outcome of a game in just a few seconds.

The funny thing about life is that real impact is not made in 10 seconds but rather over a lifetime. Real impact that affects children, churches and communities usually isn’t a momentary flash of brilliance but long seasons of diligence. No amount of “Disney world dad” flash or “superstar emergency and rescue cash” will ever impact families like consistent love, discipline and listening. Churches and companies don’t need another home run king in our lineup, only players who are as dedicated to practice as they are the spotlight. What makes a great community is not that it is the “home of Bobby Biceps” but rather the place where honest, God-fearing, hard-working folks have chosen to train their children to do the same. These people might not necessarily be CEOs or pastors but are plumbers, homemakers and small group leaders who love, care, and share beyond their ability.

I am spending time this weekend with some real impact people….I’ll tell you about a few next week. Comments my friends? Do you know any impact people? Are you committed to becoming one?

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