Friday, August 1, 2008

Note Taking

I take notes. Lots of notes. I have a file cabinet of notes from sermons and Bible studies - literally, thousands of notes filed by subject. Not to mention notes on napkins from lunch meetings that are transferred onto Outlook tasks , calendar appointments, or Word files. Why? Why take notes? Simple:
  1. It helps me listen.
  2. It helps me learn.
  3. It helps me remember important things.
  4. It’s research…why reinvent the wheel?
I have always lived by this axiom: “The dullest pencil is sharper than the quickest mind”. Do yourself a favor... take a note or two. Are you a note taker? Do you have a filing system or do you hold them in your Bible until you throw them away or your WWJD Bible cover explodes?

1 comment:

Karen said...

Thanks for the nudge to actually DO something with all those meticulous notes I stuff in my bible! Also to begin recording those pearls of wisdom gleaned from good books--why not take advantage of the author's experience and hard work?

Karen Worley (Tuscaloosa Life Church)