Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Nice Post for Week 29 of 2008

I have not sent out a Nice Post lately but I had to share a couple links for your reading and growing pleasures.
First L.A. Joiner hits a home run with this post about Sabbatical and the rhythm of leadership.
Beth has been a writing maniac this last week. Here's a great quote about the impossible:
"Much of what God desires for us is too great, too impossible, and too far-reaching for our natural abilities and so we settle for what is base and minimal because it is all we think we can attain."
You know you want more...click here to finish the post.
Finally, Tim Sanders has uploaded a video called "If you guys won't then I will" that every leader in America needs to watch. Seriously, every leader in America.

Enjoy the link-love. I'll post some thoughts later this week.

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