Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Why I am not like "Mikey"

Remember the old cereal commercial where the kids encourage their younger brother to try the product with the dare "give it to Mikey...he won't eat it."? The crescendo of the advertisement is Mikey eating the product with everyone cheering "he likes it, he really likes it". All the while the youngling is chomping down on whole grain goodness.
In her latest post my lovely bride refers to me as "not being like mikey". This is true. I love food, all food. All USDA approved food that is. While I will eat deep fried products from convenience stores I am not quite the Andrew Zimmern "bizarre foods" type guy. So give me anything nasty in the good 'ole USA but not from overseas...I've had one too many parasites. So here's to all the adventurous eaters who aren't afraid to swallow a bottom feeder whole...poop and all.
Do you have a gross food story?

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