Saturday, May 3, 2008

Praying With the Saints

The Kids Aflame overnight planning meeting started with a bang last night. Christian Retreat, our host church, is in a ten day prayer watch. What a great night as we joined them in harp & bowl intercession. God blessed us to have some of their senior saints to pray with us. It was incredible to pray with folks who have known Christ longer than I have been alive. The depth of their prayers reflected an abiding trust in God’s goodness not just the narcissistic whines that I’m prone to utter.

After the prayer meeting the team met for a time of reflection and application. It was amazing how many of the team members were blessed and encouraged by God’s presence. While it is true that prayer is devotional and private it is also corporate and dynamic intercession. Perhaps my generation has lost vision for the prayer meeting. Renewal is building again in America…we can have it if we ask…together. What about you? Have you joined in a group prayer meeting lately? If not, try one soon… at Christian Heritage there are multiple opportunities both on and off campus.

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