Sunday, May 18, 2008

Art update

Please continue to Pray for Art Sweat. Here is an update from his website:

Friday, May 16th. 2pm We’ve just gone to see the oncologist today. He wants to move quickly and aggressively. So, this next week Art begins another battery of tests. He will have another brain MRI on Monday to have an up to date picture of the tumor. Then Tuesday, he will have a PET scan. This will scan his entire body to be sure there is nothing abnormal going on elsewhere in his body!

The doctor told us this is a VERY rare type of cancer. It is called a primary central nervous system Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. All this tells us is what type of cells the tumor is made of and that it started with the tumor and not somewhere else.

It is an aggressive type of cancer, so the doctor plans to start treatment with chemotherapy next week! We’ve had a small miracle today! It is always EXTREMELY difficult to quickly get appointments for MRI and PET scan here, but we immediately got appointments for when we needed them!!!!! Go God!!!! Thank you!!!

Okay, here’s what to be praying for:

1. Strength and energy for Art.

2. Encouragement for Art and his family as they go through the busy-ness of next week.

3. Money to keep coming in for all expenses to be covered for Art.


God is still in the business of doing miracles, so we will take one! We are reminding ourselves of the goodness of God. Has anyone seen what’s going on in Lakeland with Todd Bentley!? Check it out on It’s amazing what God is doing! Encourage yourself by watching what God is doing and then ask him for another miracle for Art!

We’ll update again next week. Thank y’all for your continued prayers and support

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