Monday, April 14, 2008

Well Done for April 13, 2008

I'm extremely proud of the Echo Student Ministries for their "Echo Italiano"spaghetti luncheon. All of the students did a great job setting up, serving and cleaning up the multi-purpose room. Okay... without slighting the students I want to recognize their adult leadership team.
First, Nate Lynn did a great job preparing the pasta & sauce. The kids' customer service had Andrea Levings' finger prints of excellence all over it. Billy were all over the place as usual. Chris & Terra Jones - your leadership pulled the whole deal together!
I especially want to recognize Heather Jennings for quietly and methodically washing all the dishes. Thanks guys for so selflessly helping our teens to serve our congregation and ultimately the world.

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Brooke said...

hey thanks for the comment. i'm not exactly sure which photo you are referring to, but i think you're talking about the one at the very top of the page. that one was taken in Charleston, SC.