Sunday, March 30, 2008

Well Done for March 30, 2008

Wow this was another great weekend around CHC! I am privileged to pastor such an incredible group of people. Beth and I consider it such a tremendous responsibility to lead in the greatest enterprise in the galaxy-God's church.
I'm sure that there are many things I could give an"atta boy" to this weekend but I want to highlight two people.
First, hats off to Harry Joiner. Harry stood downtown at Finally Friday for several hours making balloon animals for children. Like the pied-piper of old, little kids followed Harry around the park for a balloon, some laughter, and some love. I think Jesus would have been twisting balloons too.
Secondly, Mike Norton did a tremendous job in the kingdom this week. He lead the Wednesday night Bible Study small group this week (I'm sure it was excellent!). Mike brought a car load of kids up to Finally Friday and served. Today Mike ministered down in Ocala at Journey Church (a new plant that Adam & Lisa Page have birthed in their living room). Whew...that is a lot to just type.
I am awfully proud of these two and the many, many volunteers who daily serve to cause the vision to go forward here at CHC. Let's all press on! Someone once said "we have but one short hour to save the World and all of eternity to celebrate!"

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Mike's Thoughts said...

Thank you Pastor!
I truly enjoyed both Friday and Sunday. We had a great time at The Journey Church. We were able to pray with a young lady and speak prophetically into the lives of a couple of people.
God is definitely awesome.