Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Soda reward...kinda

After searching every minute market and grocery store, I finally found the object of my latest beverage obsession: Diet Cherry Chocolate Dr. Pepper. Boy...isn't that a mouthful? Weeks of being teased by ads yet no DCCDP on the shelves here in the City of Lakes.

I found it today at the S&S store on the corner of 47 & I-75. My hands shook as I popped the top. My lips curled around the can and then my soda reward. Or not. Honestly, Diet Dr. Pepper is my favorite beverage of late but this cousin is no reward. It's okay but I expected so much more. My boys said "It's kinda like a tootsie roll..but with an aftertaste". Not exactly a compliment.

Sometimes life is a lot like my Diet Cherry Chocolate Dr. Pepper experience. We build experiences up in our minds to be heavenly and they are surprisingly ordinary. Only one person truly satisfies every time with no letdown...the Lord Jesus!

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