Saturday, March 15, 2008

Old Friends...With Skills

I spent a better part of yesterday with Art Sweat of Critical Audio. Art has been my friend for around 22 years. I was fun catching up, reminiscing and working together. Art installed the sound system in our worship center last year and yesterday he created an overflow room for us. It is great working with friends. I trust Art, his work, and I can trust that he gives us a fair price.
Last month, we hired Prodigal Music and Design to do a mass mailer for us. I’ve been friends with Todd Devore for 10 years. Here again; excellent work and pricing - and friendship to boot. One of the advantages of using Todd is that he knows our church and what we want to communicate. I received my card in the mail yesterday (along with few other thousand people).
There are often people inside your network of relationship who you can trust to help you accomplish the vision for your organization. Don't just hire someone to do a job - call a friend...with skills.

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