Thursday, March 6, 2008

Just Lead

Leadership is not for cowards. Many of us lead because people are drawn to us and we communicate a vision for change. However, I have to recognize these facts: Everyone won’t be drawn to me and some folks just don’t like change. How do I face these two opposing truths without becoming a spineless people pleaser or a rude, arrogant dictator?

First, I must be intimate with Christ. My self-worth can’t flow out of who I think I am or my performance. My value must flow out of receiving His love. God has bankrupted heaven on the cross and lavished me with eternal acceptance in the Holy Spirit. WOW!

Secondly, I must remain true to myself. Again, I can't be someone that I'm not. As much as I respect what God is doing other places, I must seek Him to move through me. My talents, gifts, and personality are the weak, foolish things that He has chosen to empower. I need a growth plan, but my growth will only result in the best me - not someone else.

Finally, I must keep the eternal perspective. Am I leading in my church or organization to leverage all of our resources for Kingdom Expansion? Eternity is too long to allow yapping dogs to derail this Heaven Express. I won't make everyone happy but I must keep my vision set on the Heavenly vision.

What about you... Are you drawing near to Christ daily? Are you being you? Is your leadership focus on eternal rewards or daily press releases?

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