Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I fought the tree....it won.

Yesterday afternoon we did a little spring cleaning in the yard. The stormy weather last week had split a tree in half. I don't know the scientific name of the tree. I'm calling it a thorn tree. All over the tree are these long, needle-like thorns. They ripped up my arms and legs.

As every thorn entered my body the affected area would begin to burn and itch. Do you know what entered into my mind? If these thorns tore my arms up, what would a crown of thorns do to my brow? Here's the kicker: My boys and I had to get scratched up...it was our tree and our lawn. Are you following me? Jesus' encounter with thorns was for you and me...not for anything He deserved. During this passion week take a moment to thank Him for His matchless, terrible gift.

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