Sunday, February 3, 2008

Well Done for February 3, 2008

Today I am adding another new feature to my blog. I want to recognize people who I caught being great at CHC on a weekly basis.
First, I want to recognize my boys, Jacob, David, and Jonathan. They selflessly share Beth and me with the congregation. They don’t complain but graciously watch us run out to the hospitals or emergency meetings. Guys…I’m your biggest fan … I love you!
I want to also recognize today’s tech crew: Billy Jennings and Diana Parker. It’s funny - tech crews usually only get attention when something goes wrong. Billy (who turned 32 today – Happy Birthday!) executed perfectly today. We didn’t know there was a sound man. Diana ministered today as our Visual Media Tech. She also performed flawlessly-even pull up another slide when I jumped back to it in my talk.
I’m really grateful for all of the volunteers who make our church go forward. If you are a CHC volunteer and you haven’t registered for our Volunteer Appreciation Night why not buzz over to and RSVP today?

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