Saturday, February 2, 2008

NICE POSTS from Week 5 of 2008

Here’s how Clayton Bell starts a great blog on Christians in the workplace: “Did you know that beyond the words you use, beyond the ethics in what you do or don't do in the workplace, that how hard you work speaks to your co-workers?" Read more here.

For all ministry and business leaders, here’s a great guideline to help establish policies for the organization’s credit cards. To read and apply to your staff
click here.

Time is precious. “No one has time to spare. One way to save time and enjoy” blogs by Tim Stevens and others is by reading this

I like this phrase: “the church is not a centralized place organized to serve Christians. It is a staging ground for Christian service.” L.A. Joiner challenges us all to rethink church

Finally, my wife, Beth uses our Yorkshire Terrier to reminds us of attitudes of faith and devotion from our in this


crashsystems said...

Btw, I think it is really cool that I have a pastor that blogs. I didn't know that Beth did as well, but she is officially in my feed reader. Do you and her have track backs enabled on your blogs? If not, you may find that track backs are a very nice feature.

Jeff Green said...

Hi Eddie! I found your blog and wanted to drop you a line and let you know I've added it to my blog reader to keep up with your meanderings.

Take care.