Monday, February 4, 2008

Realities: Part Three - Love

I love you.
I love my dog.
I love coffee.
I love…
Is it any wonder this word has lost a sense of reality in our culture? I think we should use the word love less. We should probably verbalize our thoughts more with these words: fond, like, enjoy, lust, desire, use, support, but not love. I don’t really love the Georgia Bulldogs … do I?
True love is a sacrificial choice to give the object of that love God’s best, God’s way and in God’s timing. In that definition I can see how Jesus’ message is so incredibly scandalous. He said to love God and each other. Okay, I can love my friends and family. Wait…He also said “love your enemies.” Impossible? In and of my own resources, yes.
One of the mysterious realities of Christian faith is that God imparts His love to us for Him and others through the indwelling Holy Spirit. Maybe I’m not tapping into this resource that is very available just for the asking.
Let’s purpose together to ask God to work these three realities of Faith, Hope, and Love into our daily lives. I need it, my family and my world needs it. And so does yours.

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