Sunday, February 24, 2008

Nice Post for Week 8 of 2008

A couple of post really have spoken to me this week. I'm going to insert a couple of large clips this week.
First Craig nails it with this: "I’m writing this post for church members. Pastors, you might want to link to it so you can help your church members have insight into your world and know how to minister to you." Click here to read Part A and Part B .

Beth nailed it this week on intimacy. Check it out here.

Finally Mark Batterson hit a home run today. Check this out: "John 1 says Jesus was full of grace and truth. He was the perfect combination of both. Grace means I'll love you no matter what. Truth means I'll be honest no matter what. Grace without truth is a relationship with no backbone. Truth without grace is a relationship with no heart. But when you combine grace and truth, you've got the catalyst for growth." I can't wait to hear the whole message via podcast.

BTW--I'm fighting the cold/flu/ allergy thing. I feel gross. Where does this large quantity of stuff running out of my nose come from? Okay...I know that's TMI.

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