Monday, February 11, 2008

I'm Just Not Cool

Probably just the title of this post proves how not cool I am. I’m sure that “cool” is not even the right term any longer. It is one thing to not be cool and know it…it’s a whole other beast when you think you are and you’re not. I need to admit it…I’m forty-three, balding, a little over-weight, and not cool. Again, not cool. I admit it.

Some churches need to join Nerds Anonymous. It is okay if you are not cool- just admit it. I’m really troubled at some churches attempts to be cool. Every church can’t be Willow Creek (and I like Willow) – they are not supposed to be. Every pastor can’t be Andy Stanley (and I love Andy)—they are not supposed to be. I go to conferences to learn, be refreshed and stretched. Pastors who go to get a plan to be the next “Elevation church” are causing their sheep to be schizophrenic. Because last year it was New Spring and ten years ago it was Saddleback. Jane Doe church needs to be Jane Doe church.

Our God is a creative God. He fashions every individual as unique creations to demonstrate His glory. Churches, like people, each have a unique DNA. It is not the senior leader and elders jobs to fashion that church into the model of the week. Leaders, like humble parents, should “train up the church in the way that it should go”. Tony Morgan wrote about Redeemer Church in New York that is doing nothing “sexy” but reaching and discipling people. Bravo Tony! Go Redeemer!

When I was a youth pastor I never tried to be cool. The kids accepted me because I loved Jesus and loved them. Christianity is not necessarily about worship style or flashy buildings. God help us to love and disciple the people in our community. As we love our community, God will lead us into the innovation to fit our DNA and reach our communities. Be you. God called you to be you; He knows you are not cool. It’s okay…remember I’m not either.


Clayton Bell said...

You're much cooler than you think...

Joylene Green said...

awesome post!! I totally agree.

by the way, I'm not cool either.