Monday, February 25, 2008

Home Remedies

I’m a terrible patient. I’m whiney and lazy when I feel bad. I’ll try almost anything to feel better. Growing up in beautiful Waycross, Georgia when I felt bad I would receive a generous portion of my mama’s homemade potato soup. Yes, it is incredible. It will almost raise the dead!

Okay, so I talked to mama last night. I couldn’t talk her into driving me a bowl of soup down from Georgia so she recommended the next best thing. I rubbed the bottom of my feet down with a mentholated vapor rub. That’s right my FEET. I checked out on and the evidence was inconclusive. You can check it out here. I really did sleep better last night than the previous two nights. It could have been the rub but it might have been the Nyquil.

How do you fight cold and flu symptoms?


Rachel said...

I can completely comment on this one since I've had so much experience lately.

For sinus pressure and pain:
Use a nasal rinse (gross, yes, but it will help) - you can get them at walgreens.

Also, elevating your bed, not just your head. I'm talking bricks or blocks under the feet of the top of the bed.

If you're desperate use Zicam extreme nasal congestion relief or Afrin for 3 days.

Hope you feel better soon!

Billy Jennigns said...

The cure all for me is wonton soup from Fu-King restaurant. I can't explain it, but if I feel bad a bowl of thier soup seems to be a cure all.

Hope you feel better!