Tuesday, February 5, 2008

CHC bloggers

How many CHC er's blog on a regular basis? I only know of five. Here's a list with links for those five.
Beth Taylor
Erica Waters
Rachel Grubb
Billy Jennings
Douglass Clem

Did I miss you? If I missed your blog and you attend Christian Heritage Church of Lake City, FL simply comment back your address to this post. (Shameless plug: It is always a good idea to enter into the discussion by commenting.)
I'm kinda pumped to see how many of you blog.


crashsystems said...

On the topic of blogging, here are two helpful little tools you may or may not have heard of.

The first is feedburner, which lets you do two cool things. First, it enables you to optimize and customize your RSS feed, and second, it lets you enable viewers to subscribe via email. If you go to my blog home page, you'll see the email subscription section.

The second is Google Analytics, which lets you track viewer trends, to see how people are finding your blog.

So I know that you are rather into this blogging thing. Is there any handy tools that you know of?

Joylene Green said...

hi Eddie -

I don't attend your church, but I am sort of kind of a part of your church family via Ray Owens. :)

So feel free to check out my blog sometime.