Thursday, February 7, 2008

Bible Journey

I have personally found great benefits from systematically reading the scripture. Again this year I’m using the One Year Bible Devotional as my reading plan. I have always liked a very literal translation of scripture like the NAS or the ESV. Brace yourself...this year I’m reading the Message paraphrase as my main text for devotional reading. I like the gritty way Eugene Peterson interprets the scripture. It’s a different lens to view Jesus with and I’m enjoying the view.

Today one of my readings was Proverbs 8:1-11. Solomon personifies wisdom as a lady. She cries out to idiots and blockheads to learn and live well. Okay I qualify as an idiot or blockhead some days. Here’s the kicker for me today in verse 7: wisdom will empower me to develop a taste for truth and a disdain for evil. My heart cry is to develop such intimacy with Jesus that I hear His whispers and feel His emotions.
I’m choosing to listen to wisdom today. Are you?

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Joylene Green said...

I've been reading through the Message - I read most of the OT and I have LOVED it. Like hearing it for the first time.