Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Life Groups

I am so pumped about how our church is buying into community. Four years ago when I became pastor there was one adult small group. This week we are launching thirteen adult small groups. We have community groups, study groups, and prayer groups. Is developing authentic community easy? NO, but God never called us to develop an audience. Last time I perused the gospels, Jesus commanded us to go make disciples. Small groups are a very effective way to care for one another and disciple each other.
I will continue to hammer home this point: There is no way to live out the New Testament without being a part of a small group. You simply can’t carry out the scriptural “one-anothers” by yourself.
I’m blessed by the commitment of our elders and Chris Jones’ leadership in this vital area of our church.
By the way, Beth and I are part of a small group are you? Why not?

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L. A. Joiner said...

I love it and thank you for responding to my blog. You were the first comment to come through the blog. Some have responded to my email address. My generation is still trying to spell "blog". Anyway, I love and admire you!