Friday, January 25, 2008

Kelly Ulmer Bell Update

My friend Clayton Bell posted this update on his wife and baby on January 23, 2008. Please join me in praying for Kelly and Caroline. There are some specific request in this update.

In the words of Britney, “Hey Ya’ll!”
I wanted to throw up a quick blog post to let you know how things have been going at the hospital.
After a good week and a half of very few contractions, things have picked up a bit in the last few days. We’re still not in a worrisome place, but we’ve not been enjoying it either!
We’ve also talked with a few doctors since our last post, and we have more info so we can set forth more specific prayer goals. They are:
Please pray against contractions, and peace on Kelly’s body! The contractions seem to always pick up between 4 and 6 p.m., so if you can pray specifically for that time or at that time, we’d appreciate it.
Please continue to pray for Kelly’s mind and spirit. She’s doing VERY good, but her circumstances will get to anyone every now and then. I want those times to be as few and far between as possible.
Pray for Caroline to develop faster than she’s supposed, specifically in lung development.
We’re at 26.4 weeks right now, but I want to start specifically praying for 35 weeks, March 25th. Go big or go home!
Also, here are a few new pictures for your enjoyment:
This is Huggy Bear. He’s a gift from my mom, from St. Jude’s, where my youngest sister finished her schooling. He’s Caroline’s new best friend. Thanks mom!
So many have sent in greetings cards to express your love to Kelly, and here’s the latest look at the card wall. Submissions still accepted! I wanna plaster that whole thing!
This is just rain. What! I’m still trying out a new camera!
Don’t forget that we’re still over at, but updates have been less because there’s been less news!
Thanks so much for everything, you’re making a huge difference in us getting through this. Talk to you soon!


Clayton Bell said...

Welcome back to the internets!

Thanks again for all of the prayer and spreading the word...

Eddie Taylor said...

No problem. We had Melissa Gainey and Kate Taylor lead a special prayer time for you guys during BREAKAWAY last weekend.