Thursday, January 24, 2008


Just a few thoughts from this weekend...Man it was cold in Atlanta (I have really become a Floridian). The theme was "Field of Souls". I am challenged as never before to make disciples. I hope that if you were there you too are compelled help fulfill the Great Commission. Too often we Christians forget we have a responsibility to share the love of Christ with our generation. I have already heard testimony of people sharing Christ with folks upon returning home.
Simple Fool was incredible. The folks at Rock Bridge Community Church in Dalton, GA are blessed to have those guys there leading worship. It was awesome to hang out with all my friends last weekend. I also really appreciated my time with Lee Grady. What a humble man of God! I was blown away by so much servant leadership. It seemed that whenever there was a need someone jumped in and filled it! Is BA a perfect event? Hardly, but I appreciate the Leadership Team's heart to improve without compromising our vision from God.

I'm already pumped about BREAKAWAY 2009. I hope you are too...

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