Monday, October 1, 2007

Monday ramblings...baptism, ball, etc...

While we didn't submerge as many as New Spring, we had a great time at the Ichetucknee Springs baptizing people yesterday. I think we baptized a total of 20 folks with 5 of them being from CHC. You can read about it in today's Gainesville Sun. (There's a picture of my nose there.) : )

Georgia won again this weekend. I didn't get to watch the game I was at a funeral. Thank God for ESPN Football Final highlights. NFL didn't do alot for me yesterday. I hope to watch the NE Patriots tonight. They are currently my favorite Madden team.

It should be a great week. I'm meeting with the Creative Team tomorrow. We are planning series to finish out 2007. I need to get further ahead in the scheduling.

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