Thursday, September 13, 2007

The saga continues

I originally posted this on another site on July 21, 2007...
Oh, iced coffee. Why do I love thee? Let me count the ways: perhaps it's the coffee, maybe the subtle sweetness of Splenda ©, or the rich, creamy milk undertone? Well, now that I have waxed poetic, I have had two more flavor samplings since my last blog. First was Lake City's own
Elliano's Coffee. I have had several and they have been delicious…the best so far! They are a perfect blend. Starbucks is opening in Lake City this month so I'll have another option. Honestly, I don't know if their iced model could be any better than Elliano's.
Okay, last night I got an Iced Decaf Venetian sugar-free with skim milk at
P.J.'s Coffee of New Orleans on Archer Road in Gainesville, FL. It was basically dirty water. Maybe I pushed the envelope with the decaf, sugar-free, skim milk thing. Jacob, my fourteen year old son, tried an iced mocha and thought that it was "sick nasty". I think that means "very good…maybe a little too much ice". So, if I am going to drink iced coffee it will be before 3:00 PM or I will splurge with some real milk or sugar. Why would I expect something stripped of everything "real" to be good?
For CHC folks…don't miss celebration tomorrow! The skit is going to be extremely funny and I can't wait to talk about "Too Busy to Pray." See you there!

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