Friday, September 28, 2007

Oh go build a chair

Have you ever been mentally and emotionally tired? You know that can't focus or lift your head tired. At times it seems to be a mystery to folks who don't know what pastors actually do during the week. Yesterday was one of those days. After counseling, grieving and leading through this September, I was washed out.
Pastor Sharon Miner suggested "Why don't you build Debbie's new office chair?" My immediate response was "I don't feel like it." Then I remembered a couple of leadership principles:
1. Most work is done by people who don't "feel" like it.
2. Physical activity or exercise is a great stress reliever.
3. Seeing a task accomplished is also an encouragement for type A's personalities like me.

So I did it. I got the powerdriver and I built the chair. Sure enough, when I finished the project I also watched a Louie Giglio talk at North Point's site and I was encouraged. Fatigued? Tired? Go build a chair!(or something...)

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