Monday, September 24, 2007

Monday ramblings...

It's Monday so I should write and ramble a little bit. First, "Wholly His", our 2007 ladies' advance was a great success. Martha Grice of To the Nations ministries from Waycross, GA. did a wonderful job preaching there and at CHC this weekend.
Secondly, Georgia won! It wasn't pretty but a win is a win. The Dawgs are entering the heart of their SEC schedule. It will be interesting to see how they mature.
Finally, Beth, her sister Barbara , and I ran up to St. Simons Island after church yesterday to take care of some family business. We ate an early dinner at Barbara Jean's. They have the best crabcakes south of Maryland. You can order them online here.
Tony Morgan blogged about Starbuck's here. It's a great summary of the book The Starbucks Experience that I read this summer.
Enough ramblings for today.

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