Thursday, September 13, 2007

Life with Friends

I orignally posted this on another site on July 27, 2007...
Beth and I have spent the afternoon with the board of directors of
Family Discipleship Ministries. What an incredible afternoon together dreaming, planning, and praying about advancing the Kingdom of God. I firmly believe this: LIFE AND MINISTRY WAS MEANT TO BE SHARED WITH FRIENDS.
The bonds we share with Ray & Sabrina Owens, David & Grace Bolton, and Rodney & Renee Thrift run much deeper than denominational orders, paper agreements, or short-term partnerships. We are life-long friends and partners. We have been together in this thing some of us as far back as
Global Servant's first Youth Advance in 1984. We have eaten, laughed and cried together. We helped raise each others kids and we have yelled at each other. We have grown up together.
There's a key word here: TOGETHER. Today we dreamed about BREAKAWAY, LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT, MARKETPLACE MINISTRY, and CHURCH PLANTING. Please stay tuned to the
F.D.M. website. We will be changing, updating, and announcing new opportunities for growth, service and expansion in the weeks ahead. Win or lose, fail or succeed it is going to be awesome to grow old together with this group of friends and "pass the baton" to a new generation of leaders who help usher in the Kingdom of God.

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