Friday, September 21, 2007

I'm going to Africa

Well at least my CD’s are. This is a fun story. Kim Bogart, the children’s pastor from Southpoint Community Church in Jacksonville, FL called me yesterday. She has been using my leadership training series “The Leading Edge” to train her team. There was a EN group with her from South Africa this week. They heard one of the CD’s in her car and also want to train leaders with the materials. I mailed out the twelve CD set with handouts to her late yesterday afternoon. WOW. Isn’t it a great day to be alive! I have yet to go to Africa to help fulfill the great commission but now I’m going via the media ministry. This is so exciting to me! I’m helping to making disciples on another continent without updating either my passport or my shots.

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Clayton Bell said...

What a crazy coincidence!

Do you know what part of Africa?