Thursday, September 13, 2007

Iced Coffee

I orginally posted this on another site on July 3, 2007...
Okay, I must admit it...I like iced coffee. Not just fancy Starbucks or even convenience store brand, any old java and milk mixture will do. I just finished talking to Adam Page and killing a cup from my kitchen. The formula was simple: leftover decaf, milk, and a little Splenda. A few years ago I didn't even drink hot coffee much less it's iced relative. Now look at me I'm such a big boy drinking coffee night and day. Many of you, who know me, know that caffeine wires up my already somewhat hyper self, so it's decaf for the Edster. I have heard that McDonald's is also now in the ice café' biz. I wonder if they offer the unleaded variety?

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